Shave for a cure

This year I participated in the World’s Greatest Shave to help raise money for the Leukaemia Foundation. Managed to raise about $600 all together. It’s the first time I’ve had a completely shaved head, too. Not sure I am used to it yet…

Before and After

Cupcake morning tea to raise money

Shave time


Eric’s road trip


Road tripping


Eric loves chocolates.

We found a pyramid.

Eric and I climbed the pyramid.

Victory is ours!

Eric picks some strawberries to go with the chocolates.

Just hanging around.

Christmas Swag

Thanks to all my wonderful family and friends for a great Christmas this year. I’m starting to think that people might think I have a coffee problem… I got two lots of coffee, a grinder, and even coffee liqueur! Many sleepless nights ahead, no doubt. This is the first year I can remember in a long time that I actually have time off between Christmas and New Year as well! Plus I have the house to myself for the entire time. Planning on doing lots of work around the house (if I can find a park at Bunnings first). I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas too!

Coffee heaven!

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Finally feels like Christmas!

Well, it finally feels like Christmas! I’ve put the tree up, finished my Christmas shopping last night, and today I wrapped all the presents. We had Christmas a bit early in our house, because Vincent left for India tonight. I decided to go with the one theme for wrapping all the presents. Little did I know it would be so hard to find brown kraft paper (a few weeks ago it was in plentiful supply!)

Presents all wrapped and waiting...

What's inside?

Cookies! nom nom nom