The Best March in March Signs

Recently the March in March took place around Australia. I didn’t really pay attention to the protests but I’ve started to see some of the signs popping up on social media. I thought I’d share some of the comedy gold with you here.

could have bought us dinner

rate of wtfs per hour

cant fit it on a placard


which pub



Nissan GT-R NISMO Nürburgring Documentary

This behind the scenes documentary shows you the inside world of the NISMO GT-R development team as they tune the R35 GT-R to become an even more potent weapon. And where better to test it than Germany’s famous Nürburgring? Follow the team as they try to improve engine performance, handling, braking and aerodynamics to achieve a Nürburgring lap time of 7:08:679.

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Bean Brewding Coffee Tour of Brisbane

Bean Brewding is a group of three Brisbanites searching to find the best flavours and coffee experiences in Brisbane. You may have seen the article they wrote about Brisbane’s best coffee spots on my other website, Top 100 Experiences. The Bean Brewding boys have started up coffee tours of Brisbane, and I was lucky enough to join their second tour last weekend. Ben Johnston designed these great Brisbane coffee tour passports which guided us throughout the day.

bean brewding coffee tour passports_mini

blue sky coffee beans

First stop was Blue Sky Coffee where Alex educated us on the different types of beans, and different roasts. He then roasted a special batch just for us to take home, explaining the whole process including monitoring the roast temperature and listening for the cracking, and how to tell when the beans are ready for use in your grinder (have to leave them for nearly a week until they start releasing the right amount of oil).

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2013 Hyundai i30 Review

Note: This review will be updated over time. See notes at the end of the review for more details.*

The decision to purchase the i30 wasn’t hard to make. A combination of price, features and quality make this one of the standout choices in the Australian new car market at the moment. List price for the 2013 Hyundai i30 GD Active 6-speed manual is $21,990 on road, but Hyundai currently have a $1,000 end of financial year bonus, bringing the price down to $20,990 on road. I managed to get it for $19,500 (including all on road costs and registration for 1 year) without haggling, so you can probably get it for around $19,000 on road.
2013 Hyundai i30 front rear

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Argos loses his marbles

Argos (my Weimaraner) is 9 months old now, and as he’s a family pet (i.e. not for breeding) I decided it was time to get him desexed. Getting your pet desexed (spayed or neutered) can have many benefits both the owner and the pet, as well as being the responsible thing to do if it’s not a breeding animal.

Weimaraner Desexing

I booked Argos in for his procedure with the lovely staff at Zillmere Veterinary Surgery and they were so kind as to take photos of the whole procedure for me. If you’ve ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at a vet surgery, these pictures should give you some insight. Continue reading “Argos loses his marbles” »